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Know Who We Are

About Bcombinator

Bcombinator is the ALL-IN-ONE Business Place for entrepreneurs located a few steps from the beach in the innovation district of Barcelona 22@

Our goal is to help startups to succeed in a long – term basis through the best services we can provide them: coworking space, mentoring, incubation and investment. 

If an entrepreneur does not do the exercise of why, or what needs he is going to cover or what problem he is going to solve, he has all the ballots of failure, even if the idea is brilliant.

What do we offer?

An inspire place with everything you need to grow.

Coworking Space

Fully equipped spaces with everything you need so you can be focused on your project.


Network of successful mentors, ready to help you to take your business to the next level.


Monthly events with different kinds of topics. We are the place where startups meet corporates.

Coworking Plans

Discover all our available plans!

Share your workspace with a colleague, at different times!

Share any of our plans with a colleague. Come and take a look at all the flexible and corporate options that we have for you!


All our mentors are entrepreneurs who have created successful companies and are experts in different fields.

Erik Brieva

Luis I. Cortes

Verne Harnish

Victoria Yasinetskaya

Alon Pupkin

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What MEMBERS say


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Xavier Ruiz

"Working at Bcombinator allow us to be in the technology valley of Barcelona. Working closely with other startups help us not just learn from their experiences but grow together and create new synergies."

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Carla Escolà

“This is a great place to work and meet professionals from everywhere. It's given me the opportunity in big projects and grow professionally”

Client Photo
Bruno Loiola

"Bcombinator offers a welcoming, complete and mainly inspiring space for our fintech! An environment in which we can interact and learn from other great entrepreneurs."