Why Barcelona is One of the Best Cities in Europe for Developers

Why Barcelona is One of the Best Cities in Europe for Developers

A job offer that involves moving to Barcelona for work seems to stand out from among the daily emails developers get from recruiters trying to get them to change jobs or relocate to another country. What is it about our city that makes it so fascinating for highly sought-after developers, if they can get a job anywhere in the world?

Barcelona is often called the Silicon Valley of Europe—and that’s not just a tag! It’s the foremost tech hub in South Europe. By the end of 2018, 34% of all Spanish start-ups were based in Barcelona, while investment in the city’s startups in the same year grew by more than 55%, year on year. Marketplace, E-Commerce, and Mobile are the top three invested sectors in Barcelona this year, and each of them requires software developers.

Not only is there an established tradition of companies developing here, but there are new openings and possibilities everywhere. There are many startups trying to emerge in Barcelona, and lots of developers moving to the city. This makes it special—it’s a very tech-oriented place. 

The quality of life you can maintain in Barcelona and comfortable climate are attracting more and more leaders in the tech industry. The salaries in major tech hubs like London and Berlin are higher, but the cost of living is much lower in Barcelona.

Furthermore, Spain has the 4th highest amount of jobs in the tech sector in the EU. About 31 percent of new job openings in Spain is for jobs in the digital sector. Almost 24 percent of companies in Spain can’t find the right candidates for their digital positions. That’s the reason why many companies are recruiting abroad to find software developers, programmers, and other IT-talents to complete their teams. At the same time, numerous international businesses are moving their operations to Spain. Which means there will be even more offers available. Spain has the best-qualified positions in the IT-sector for English speaking expats, meaning that it is not necessarily to speak Spanish.  Developers move to Barcelona because they prefer to work in a startup environment, with international teams that use English as a common language and work with leading methodologies, such as agile and scrum.


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