Which concepts define entrepreneurs

Which concepts define entrepreneurs

Having a clear mental map is very important to start a business. Most entrepreneurs start with a principal base: an idea or a concept that takes them to create a future business.

Authenticity, empathy and human interaction are some of the principal concepts that define the entrepreneur’s success in the business world that constantly changes, according american successful entrepreneurs interviewed by Forbes. 

First of all, entrepreneurs must be authentics. The authenticity in the digital world, where consumers have everything at their fingertips, allow owners to have a unique voice in the world. 
(Raquel Rodriguez, Metalco Active USA, Inc)

The millennial culture is demanding more humane work environments and more positive business models for the world. Giving value to empathy is a fundamental requirement for products creation, services, a work environment and a mission. It’d be ideal to think that this is on everyone’s mind. But despite this, the market itself is starting to value these things.
(James Schmachtenberger, Neurohacker Collective)

Human interaction 
Young entrepreneurs are focusing on how technology can change the productivity of their business, which is very important. But sometimes they tend to forget the human factor, and the fact that some businesses and some customers want human interaction, personalized customer service, and the ability to create real relationships with service providers.
(Gil Breef, Shades By Design Inc)

It is very tempting, especially at first, to settle for what other industries have done, because it has worked for them. Keep your hunger and your desire to conquer the market. That is where you will find success and make a place for yourself in the market. Commit to be different.
(Camryn Skladany, Innovien Solutions LLC)

Measurable goals
Create a vision for your life and set a measurable goal that reflects it. Every morning ask yourself, “What am I going to do today to get closer to my goal?” So do it, consistently, every day.
(Joe Fariless, Ashcroft Capital)

Data Analysis
As an entrepreneur, you must be able to collect, analyze and interpret the numbers generated by your company or industry. Besides,  you must act on them with agility. Building a solid business model should not be a dream or an aspiration, but a possibility provided by the data.
(Alpay Koralturk, Furnishare)

Personal brand
Create, grow and manage your personal brand. All people are a walking business, and as an entrepreneur, it is especially important to be aware of this. By connecting correctly with your audience, you will get the way to start a new day in your business.
(Kage Spatz, Spacetwin, LLC)


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