The role of Coworking spaces post Covid-19

The role of Coworking spaces post Covid-19

Before Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought a new perspective to traditional workspaces. With the dangers of having to go to the office everyday, came the necessity to work from home whenever possible. And while it seemed like an inconvenience, many businesses have now realised that there is nowhere near as much need as they thought for a physical office space for all their workers.

The trend previous to Covid-19 was for workers to beg for the opportunity to work from home even if only one day per week, and their employers preferred that everyone would clock in in an office and sit there all day to have more control of the hours worked and access to the employee. However, we will see a complete change in this.

Change in perspective

Now that most workers have had a forced trial run of what it is to work from home, their views on it have changed. Employees are now overwhelmed with the lack of separation between their home and work lives and their desire to work from home has diminished. However, employers have seen that they can reduce their office space and cut costs on real estate, seeing as their workers can mostly do their jobs effectively from home and there is almost no need for physical encounters. 

Where do Coworkings fit into all of this?

This change in perspective will affect the way office spaces are utilized for business. With less ownership of physical workspaces and a significant increase in remote working, flexible workspace will be more valued than ever. 

It will also affect travel; less physical meetings being held means less airplanes or trains to catch. The figure of the worker always on-the-go will be much less common and these workers will need places to work in. For the entrepreneurs who remain nomads, and therefore have no fixed working space, a Coworking is a great choice because of their flexibility.

Perks of going to a Coworking rather than working from home

Separating home/work life can help an individual’s organisation and boost their productivity.

Nothing at one’s home can compare to being in the working environment and the workplace community. This will not only increase productivity but also morale, social interaction, and the flow and sharing of ideas.

However, the transition back to the workspace can be difficult, which is why we also offer flexible plans for those who still prefer to work mainly from home and want to disconnect from it from time to time.


Because we understand the struggles that come from this lockdown and getting back to a physical workplace pose, at Bcombinator we offer a special deal for the rest of the year. From July to September there is a discount of 25% in hot desks, personal stations and office boxes, and from October to December a 15%. 

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