Spain: Entrepreneurial Country

Spain: Entrepreneurial Country

The Secretary of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda of the Ministry of Economy and Business, Francisco Polo, visited the 22@ district and held a meeting with the Board of Directors of the 22@Network headed by its president, Xavier Monzó, and the president of the Entrepreneurship Commission, Erik Brieva.

Early in the morning, the Secretary of State, Francisco Polo, accompanied by Laia Bonet, candidate for municipal elections for the PSC, began his tour in Ca l’Alier – Fundación BIT Hábitat. Later they visited the International Business Center (CINC) where the meeting with the Board of Directors of the 22@Network Association took place. Finally, he finished his tour in the MediaTIC building of Barcelona Activa.

In the meeting with 22@Network, the Secretary of State presented his project Entrepreneurial Country so that Spain is recognized worldwide as a reference in entrepreneurship and innovation. Among other things, they discussed how to
boost national talent and also to attract international talent, especially female talent.

The meeting was headed by Xavier Monzó, president of 22@Network; accompanied, among others, by the vice-president Enric Urreta, the executive director Antoni Oliva, and the president of the Entrepreneurship Commission Erik Brieva.

Xavier Monzó highlighted that “the 22@ innovation district is recognized as a successful model of economic and social transformation within the framework of public-private collaboration, with one of the broadest concentration of technological and digital economy companies in Europe and a reference that has inspired several cities in the world”

In the meeting was presented the declaration of the Dublin Grand Canal manifesto which literally recognizes that “Silicon Valley is the precursor of 22@, but Barcelona @22 is the inspiration for more than 80 innovation districts around the world such as Boston, London, New York, Singapore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rotterdam and Eindhoven”

Source: https://bit.ly/2J9hmIR

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