Open-knowledge, an opportunity for entrepreneurship

Open-knowledge, an opportunity for entrepreneurship

The incursion of open knowledge or Open Knowledge is generating new opportunities for entrepreneurship in all sectors. This is a new trend that was born in the United States and is already beginning to spread in Spain.

In the same way that in programming there is open-source, a modality that brings together all the resources developed for free use, a new philosophy is currently being established that can be described as open-knowledge. This consists of successful entrepreneurs training other professionals just in time for free, sharing their experiences as part of an innovation strategy in corporate culture.

The value of open knowledge

For many years, companies in general and later emerging companies or startups have maintained a closed mentality and total secrecy when it comes to showing their most relevant metrics. Nowadays, this is changing and more and more professionals are encouraged to apply this new “open-knowledge” philosophy to share their entrepreneurial talent and their most important business metrics openly.

Advantages of open-knowledge

Today we live in a society in which the collaborative economy is already a fact. As a result of this reality, a multitude of initiatives and synergies are increasingly being established between professionals as a means of innovation, a hyper-connected universe in which individuality no longer has a place.

This culture has now spread, especially in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, where successful entrepreneurs want to share their resources and help new professionals who are starting out. It is as if they somehow want to return the favor they did them when they started. A very American trend that didn’t exist in Spain but is increasingly common here.

B-Table: an interview with a successful entrepreneur and a special guest

As one of the events supporting this new trend, we have B-Table, created by Bcombinator, along with Orange sponsorship. This is a meeting that is organized once a month in which a successful entrepreneur is invited to be interviewed by the also successful entrepreneur Erik Brieva, president of the 22@ Network Entrepreneurship Committee and named as one of the 50 most admired CEOs in the USA. For the April 30th edition, the guest will be Philippe Gelis, CEO of Kantox.

Attendees, in addition to attending the interview have the opportunity to participate in a round of quick questions and can win a one-to-one meeting with the entrepreneur. All this, accompanied by local products, such as a wine tasting for the next edition. B- Table puts on the table the creativity that entrepreneurs who are successful have had and tells the story of small battles fought to end up in the achievement of dreamed goals.

Events with double value

The entrepreneur who attends this event is in search of answers to his daily dilemmas within his company and in this type of events, which are a motivating and inspiring engine, can also generate synergies between entrepreneurs from multiple sectors thus expanding its network of contacts.
About Bcombinator: bcombinator.com

An open incubation space for startups

This project has been created by Erik Brieva, Executive Director of Strands, former president of Polymita, president of the 22@ Network Entrepreneurial Commission, mentor in EO Acelerator, named one of the 50 most admired CEOs in the United States, who makes an important contribution to the entrepreneurial community of Barcelona, not only with an area of around 1,000 m2 and five floors but with access to an international community of more than 11,000 members.

Bcombinator attracts startups, SMEs and professionals who are looking for more than just coworking. In addition to its premium workspace, Bcombinator allows alliances with large corporations, networks of national and international investors, an exclusive network of mentors and a full agenda of learning and networking events. Being on Bcombinator also includes membership of the 22@Network association in Barcelona.

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