The most innovative and successful people on the planet have had mentors. Do you want to be one of them?


One of the added values of Bcombinator is the network of mentors. Many advisors and entrepreneurs help and contribute their time and knowledge with entrepreneurs. 
What do you need help with?

Digital Transformation

We help you define and develop products and services adapted to improve and grow your business.


The best leaders exhibit certain traits that make them successful. Being a good leader is not easy and is a necessity for success.

IT & Software Engineering

At Bcombinator we have experts in software, web, apps and multi-platform development. Also infrastructure and technical advice.


We help you to define and develop a clear and well-defined value for your customers, based on the Lean Startup methodology.


From Bcombinator we will help you get the necessary funding to make your project a success.

Business Model

We will help you find the best business model for your product and market.


We have agile and quality processes, adapting to new technologies and your budget.


We know how complicated it is to reach great brands and companies that need products or services like yours. Bcombinator can take you to meet them and present your solution. 

Financial & Legal

Focus in your business and leave the financial aspects in the hand of trusted advisors. They are experts in accounting, taxes, labour, intellectual property, contracts and negotiation.

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Experience is such an important asset and it is crucial for a business to flourish and ensure continuity. Having a mentor in your life is a great way to gain relevant and real life experience. Mentors share with you their personal experiences, experiences they don’t share with everyone. You will learn from their failures and successes.

Erik Brieva

Luis I. Cortes

Verne Harnish

Victoria Yasinetskaya

Alon Pupkin

Pau Valdes

Alex Ballarin

Amiris Legrá

Toni Mascaró

Germán Lahera

David Belgoff

Orlando Murias

Enric Fuentes

Gerald Heydenreich

Raúl Aguirre

Jaume Argerich

Josep Arroyo

Adrià Baqués

Marc Segarra

Mathieu Carenzo

Meritxell Gimeno

David Boronat

Octavi Sena

Yordanka Castillo

René Lönngren

Rory Ligthart

Eugenia Machado

Sergio Escobar


Sara Benslaiman

Alex caudet

Alex Caudet

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