How to run a startup like a true leader

How to run a startup like a true leader

Running a startup requires a figure known as a “team leader”, who possesses a great number of skills and is capable of carrying out a project against all odds. By following these 8 guidelines, you will be able to lead your team like a true leader:


Confidence is fundamental for a leader; the more confident he or she is, the stronger and more motivated the team will feel. The passion with which he or she works is contagious, thus leading the team to follow the startup’s path to success. According to studies, positive thinking promotes a healthy team mentality.

Organize tasks

The key to everything is organization. A good work team is one that always maintains good communication and includes each of its members when planning tasks, thus promoting teamwork. It is important to note that to do this, the leader must have a clear vision of where he/she wants to go and the ultimate goal of the project.

Being responsible

Assuming commitments and responding to everything that happens in the project is key in the figure of a leader. A responsible leader acts selflessly and in the interest of the team, always making judgments based on facts and data collected rather than jumping to conclusions.

Listen, listen, listen

Great leaders accept challenges, criticisms and points of view different from their own. Being like this allows them to develop the value of trust with the team, and even helps them not only to detect any kind of inconvenience or problem that affects the performance of workers, but also to generate new benefits for workers.

Promote values

It’s important to have a clear vision of where you want to go and, at the same time, to have an organizational culture based on shared values with the team. Listening and talking to all team members allows you to understand what their needs are and, in turn, helps to create the ideal space for them to work at ease, feeling not only identified, but also committed to the company.

Keep good communication

Undoubtedly, a key factor in any project is communication. Part of good communication stems from the ability to do so in a clear, direct, and empathetic manner. As a leader, it is important to know how to communicate, but also to maintain fluid communication among the rest of the team so that any type of work is developed in the best possible way, thus avoiding errors or misunderstandings.

Set times

As a leader it is necessary to find a way to make things happen in the best possible way. Establishing objectives and timelines for each project serves as a guide to measure if they are on track. However, it is important to know how to detect the precise moments to exert pressure and remain firm, but also to be sensitive enough to be flexible enough to consider setbacks such as changes in organizational dynamics, replacements in the team, or personal issues of any of the members.

Motivate and inspire

A leader inspires his or her team with enthusiasm and passion. This makes people feel valued and know their strengths and needs. A motivated leader recognizes the value of hard work and stimulates the potential of his employees through meaningful challenges and goals that help them to improve themselves both personally and professionally.

Based on this series of guidelines, which complement each other, and putting them into practice, a better relationship with the team can be achieved, and therefore, better results in the work of each one of them, thus leading to the success of the startup.

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