How to Develop Unique Values in Small Teams

How to Develop Unique Values in Small Teams

Defining a set of values for the company can help unify the team and serve as a basis for fostering a positive, high-performance culture. It is advisable to establish them in the initial stages of the project in order to consolidate the values before the teams grow.

Following these steps will determine the set of unique values that will define the essence of the company:

Determine the participants of the team

For the creation of values, it is necessary to determine the participants who will contribute to the creation of these values. Whether it is a small team or a large company, the fundamental requirement for determining the participants is that they are committed to writing and implementing the values they decide to establish. 


Once the participants have been determined, the next step is to get together and start exchanging ideas. To make this phase easier, we recommend that each participant comes prepared with a series of ideas based on questions such as: What do you value in a person? What is the most important thing for you in a job? It can be from something emotional to trust your team to something more material like having a comfortable and fun work environment. 

Consolidate and define the concepts

With the ideas put on the table, the time comes to analyze them, to combine them, and reduce them to a reasonable number of concepts, which must be defined in detail. The goal is to combine all those thoughts to create a unique value that promotes an ownership mentality. 

Adapting values to the team

In order for the implementation of the chosen values to be optimal, the definition of these values must be clear and direct. Depending on the culture of the team, the style of the message to be conveyed can be given in one form or another, from something simple, clear, and easy to remember to something more striking and fun. 

Integrating values

Having a set of defined values only works if the equipment applies them in the day-to-day business. For this purpose, each one of them can be applied progressively in the project/team, either when selecting the future team members or by generating a series of incentives to existing workers such as bonuses or promotion possibilities for their performance.

The unified set of values well implemented in the company, will help not only to meet the objectives much easier, but also generate greater satisfaction among all team members, making a big difference in their culture.




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