How to Control the Anxiety in Quarantine Time

How to Control the Anxiety in Quarantine Time

After the announcement by the Spanish Government, the state of alarm lengthens 15 days more, going from ending on March 29 to April 11, that means that we will have more days of confinement and with them an accumulation of feelings that trigger a series of episodes of stress and anxiety, which is totally normal for what is being lived because of the confinement.

In order to cope with these episodes and face the quarantine, it’s important to adopt a better attitude to maintain a good psychological balance. We present a series of activities that could be applied to maintain a better attitude, better work activity at home and coexistence:

Establish routines

One of the main goals during this quarantine if you are working is to stay productive and continue to be just as moving. Following these steps will increase your productivity and meet all your goals: 

  • Organize your time for work, home and for yourself. (Take breakfast with your family, perform important tasks, read a book, etc.).
  • Set daily goals you must meet
  • Work in blocks of time with rest between them
  • Schedule team meetings
  • Create positive and proactive thoughts with your coworkers and family.

Get active

Taking into account that you are at home all day, physical activity is less than what you usually do when you have to go to your workplace, shop, gym, etc. Exercise can help you disconnect work issues and context, so we recommend practicing some physical activity such as yoga, fitness, stretching, etc.

Learn to disconnect

Don’t overdose yourself reading news about the coronavirus. Choose certain times for information about the plans that are in your community on the subject or new actions that you must apply to protect your family.

Another way to disconnect would be the following:

  • Watch movies or series that are not related to the topic
  • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks.
  • Carry out manual activities: painting, cooking, organizing some areas of ​​the house.
  • Share with those at home, play board games, talk, etc.
  • Call your friends or loved ones by video call.

Be positive

We know that this situation can cloud your thoughts and make you feel discouraged, but it’s essential to maintain a positive mindset in order to cope with it. In this case, you must think that you are doing to meet a common objective, which is to prioritize the health of citizens.

Remember: you are not the only one, we are all in this! #stayathome

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