How to be Successful as an Entrepreneur After Confinement

How to be Successful as an Entrepreneur After Confinement

In these times of crisis, it is important and necessary to think about a total and deep reinvention, both personal and professional. The planet as we knew it will no longer be there and only those who exploit their gifts and skills and those who are able to leave their comfort zone can benefit from it.

One of the ways of reinvention is to encourage you to be entrepreneurial.

The starting point is the idea. That obsession that keeps you awake and doesn’t leave you alone. The one that, after taking a look at the market you see that nobody is doing it that way and you say “it’s this way”.

The world needs solutions, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem comes to provide those answers. And today more than ever.

Connect with your purpose.

  • It is very important that you think about your purpose: the ‘what for’ of your venture. Whether what you are undertaking is in any way aligned with your values, vision and mission in life (personal and professional). Then everything will make more sense.
  • Plan all aspects of the business: develop the central idea and how you are going to achieve it.
  • Analyze the variables, probabilities, market, segments, promotion and environments.
  • Surround yourself with the best and consult with professionals. 

Myths and realities. There are many myths and also realities in the process of entrepreneurship: personal fulfillment is related to the possibility of carrying out one’s goals and objectives. On the other hand, within the myths there is the phrase that “everyone can undertake” and although it is true that undertaking is for all, it is not for everyone.

Entrepreneurship is a long and laborious road. It demands so much that sometimes there is no time to rest. While there may be sales bursts in the beginning, statistically the first reliable results are reflected after 5 years.

The entrepreneur sees himself in the bad ones: if he knows how to accept frustrations, disappointments and economic ups and downs, among other things. He will also need to focus on keeping his plan and purpose alive.

The most important thing is to maintain self-motivation and perseverance, because never better said “persevere and you will succeed”.

How do you reinvent yourself?

The global context we live in today is a challenge for the entrepreneur. Below we offer you a practical guide to enhance or create your entrepreneurship with the new opportunities that this new reality offers us.

1- Analyze the contexts. Do not make decisions based on partial or fragmented information. It is necessary to have a complete picture.

2- Examine all the points in conflict. When you are in trouble, put them in perspective and define a concrete action for each one, as well as a realistic time frame for implementation.

3- Keep the balance between the urgent and the important. Learn to prioritize.

4- Disconnect with active pauses. Walk, play sports, listen to music. Take care of your energy, because you will need it.

5- Start the day by putting a positive intention in what you want to achieve. Focus and ground your goals.

6- If you are in the middle of an unexpected result, turn it around. Transform it into positive learning. Capitalise on the experience however negative it may be, once you have passed that moment you will be able to see how much you have learned.

7- Keep your time organized.

8- Take advantage of the routine or tasks that do not appeal to you so much. These practices help you discover new facets of yourself.

9- Do not talk about your plans. Keep your projects in total reserve until you make them concrete.

10- Seek advice only from successful people. These people ignite your energy and help you focus on your project from the perspective of their experience.

11- Be creative and innovative. 

12- Vision. Have the ability to see opportunities where others only see problems; discover the positive in complicated environments.

13- Lead by influence. Remember that, as an entrepreneur, you have the ability to influence others positively and thus generate changes to help people grow, advance and develop.

14- Trust yourself. 

15- Take responsibility.

16- Decide. Determination in the entrepreneur is the most important key.

17- Seek and accept support. Leave your pride aside. You don’t know everything and nobody does it alone.

Source: El Cronista

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