Golden Rules to Accelerate the Learning in Record-Time

Golden Rules to Accelerate the Learning in Record-Time

Surely many have heard the phrase of the philosopher Francis Bacon “Knowledge is power”, and indeed it is. The right use of knowledge can be empowering and life-changing.

Mental tools help us advance in our lives and careers as professionals. Today, accelerating our learning can be crucial to success as we live in a rapidly changing world, which is why it is best to adapt. Those who choose to accelerate their learning will be prepared for any changing situation.

Among the advantages of accelerating learning, we can highlight that it is very versatile and flexible. There’s no need to jump in to learn something new, just select that “knowledge/skill” you want to develop and follow the tips below to take it to the next level:

Rule #1. First, once you have selected what you want to learn, it is advisable to schedule short periods of time every day or every week to dedicate to that new challenge.

Rule #2. There are many learning styles for processing information. By doing it independently without following a “study plan” you are free to choose the pace of study and content from different sources, authors or experts.

Rule #3. Combining different learning styles helps you create a personal learning style, which allows the information learned to be processed and stored more effectively.

Rule #4. We can find many ways to study any topic, from podcasts, webinars, blogs, books, conferences, boot camps, workshops, webinars, newsletters, applications, to mentoring programs, as is the case of what we do at Bcombinator, with our wide network of experts and entrepreneurs, who adapt to your needs.

Rule #5. Determining your personal learning style and way of studying makes it much easier to process any kind of totally new information. Some people learn best by reading books, others choose to watch videos or listen to podcasts and the more visual ones use roadmaps, mind maps, etc.

Rule #6. Once the learning style and way of studying has been determined, it’s important to use learning strategies. When dealing with a new topic or skill, it’s advisable to start from the general to the specific, thus understanding the basic concepts of it and then go into the others in more detail.

Rule #7. Establish short study sessions with rest times so as not to become overloaded with information, this allows the brain to take its time to assimilate the information and make better connections.

With these golden rules accelerating learning will be much easier, helping you to develop new skills, concepts or ideas faster. No matter what you want to learn, if that “something” generates curiosity in you, take the challenge and challenge yourself to fulfill it. Don’t stop until you feel satisfied. Go for it!


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