Easy Steps to Increase Your Network and Create Happiness

Easy Steps to Increase Your Network and Create Happiness

A strong network often forms the foundation upon which businesses can grow and entrepreneurs can accelerate.  However, not all entrepreneurs have the ability or resources available to them to build this network. They may have a revolutionary idea but need strong connections to drive their respective companies.  Ultimately, there are five easy steps to build meaningful business relationships that can change the course of specific emerging enterprises.

Become a Habitual Networker

It is impossible for your network to grow if you are not constantly putting effort into it.  Overall, there are a set of daily tasks that can help you get into the habit of perpetually networking.  For example, you can make a list of strategic people to make relationships with and then research which contacts would be the most beneficial to pursue.  Ultimately, your time is limited. As a result, it is critical you create connections and prioritize your time. The more time spent on networking the more contacts and room for growth your business will possess.

Understand That Relations Are Built on Knowledge 

In most situations entrepreneurs fail to explore more than the surface of a relationship.  There is a sense of personal insight behind every single relationship. The well-hidden qualities of individuals are what motivate people to act in a certain way.  These traits are what drives people to succeed and are also the reasons why or why not you would include an individual in your network.

Make Meaningful Memories

One of the most effective ways at creating the ideal network is to make meaningful memories with your connections.  It is important to engage in experiences that will allow you to create lasting images with others. The more time that is spent with people outside of business, the more opportunities you will have to generate essential connections that may have a positive effect on the future of your new company.

Never Gossip

Gossip is a defense mechanism that is triggered when we no longer have meaningful things to contribute to the conversation.  When a discussion runs dry, we often transition from talking about purposeful ideas to people. It is critical that gossip is never discussed in a business relationship because it is the fastest way to kill trust among multiple individuals.  If you want your network to continue to grow, avoid discussing ill topics about others altogether.

Get in the Habit of Being Happy

No one wants to work, much less spend time with, people who are constantly negative.  Your connections need to be positive individuals who share your excitement for life and optimistic attitude.  Those who are more positive will be more inclined to help you during times of turmoil as well as share valuable advice.  Lastly, the more positive attitudes in your network, the more likely they will work to expand your list of potential contacts.


Strong relationships can accomplish more than simply making money.  They can create life long bonds between individuals which lead to meaningful memories.  It is important to find individuals for your network that share your passions. These are the people who will fight for your company just as hard as you would.


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