Business Trends that Increase Success

Business Trends that Increase Success

There are many small aspects of businesses that will attract people and bring more success.

For one, many people prefer that business provide live interactions instead of solely conversing online and through social media. Having in-person activities will bring in more brand loyalty and adds more of a personal feel to your company. Interacting in person compared to online creates a feeling of trust and automatic connection between people, although this is true, avoiding social media completely is not the answer.

A large amount of people among today are on social media, so spreading word and receiving acknowledgement from the web can be beneficial. Finding a balance between in person interaction and online posts is crucial in successfully connecting with people.

Another important business trend that is creating success is tofocus on benefiting the whole community instead of just the buyer. Many modern buyers do excessive research on companies and will make sure to find out every single detail. Displaying how much you do for your community creates a trust factor between you and many people, even if the people are not typical consumers of your product. This is important, as having good values is important to society as a whole. If people can recognize your company as savvy and a trusted resource.

Recent studies have also shown howshowing the customer what problems you will be solving for them is a successful marketing tactic. Oftentimes, businesses are so focused on portraying a solution that they forget to detail the problem. If you present people with a problem that they did not realize they had, it will cause them to see your products in a different light. By noticing an issue they did not know they had, your product seems more useful to them than it would have prior.

Another trend is that implement Social Learning outperforms Remote Learning.

As more professionals work remotely, companies have found creative ways to keep employees connected and develop their talents outside of the office. One way that has gained popularity among corporate training programs is social learning.

Social learning is the process of learning through peer social interaction. The most common example of traditional social learning is the chance encounter at the workplace coffee machine. Two or more people run into each other, share ideas, and walk away knowing a little more in the process; this is social learning.

“Social learning can take place in informal one-on-one encounters, among teams in the course of real-time problem-solving, communities of practice, through social software, expertise directories, and more,” notes a Bloomberg study on social learning.

As companies adopt more social learning, so too will they adopt tools that support mentoring and coaching that leverages the internal expertise organically.

Finally, let me ask you…. How do these trends get you thinking about changes in your business?

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