Business Matching Party Christmas Edition!

Business Matching Party Christmas Edition!

Following the tradition of our quarterly “Business Matching Party”, yesterday we celebrated the Christmas edition of the same accompanied by excellent people. Investors, directors, entrepreneurs all involved in a festive atmosphere to celebrate a business party. 

Under the slogan “Here comes to do MATCH” our founder Erik Brieva started the event and explained the dynamics of it, which consists of exchanging ideas, knowing the needs and demands of the participants, talking about the projects that are currently being carried out to create new synergies and increase the network of contacts. Additionally, and as part of the dynamics during the event, participants have the option to make a pitch to make themselves known among all the participants easily. 

As always, lots of laughter, fun, good people to connect and link agreements accompanied by good food and wine. For our part, we would like to thank all those who attended the event and wish them a fruitful and prosperous new year in their business, looking forward to seeing them in a future edition.

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