BSEC Casting

BSEC Casting

Barcelona Student Entrepreneur Competition is a competition for students running a business or which have an entrepreneurial project. On the 19th of November we were happy to welcome 12 participants at our BSEC Casting in Bcombinator space.  7 fantastic projects, creative and innovative ideas that are changing the world. What a challenge for our honorable Jury – Erik Brieva, Gerard Compte, Astrid Baldissera, Toni Mascaró, Miriam Ballesteros – to choose the best ones, projects that will pass to GSEA regional competition. We present to you the winners of BSEC casting:

Victor Orlach with SPTbcn

SPTbcn stands for Sensorial Processing Technology Barcelona that is an embedded system device, patented and capable of converting audiovisual content into Sensorial Stimulation. They created the first sensorial gaming chair worldwide SPxThrone. A gaming chair that allows you to interact with your favourite video games in a new immersive way. That means you can feel what you are playing.


Mehmet Karakus with Freshy

Following Zero-Waste trend Freshy is aspiring to change the industry of groceries delivery. Using special Freshy packaging without plastic that is collected after you used products then cleaned and refilled, Freshy aims to reduce packaging waste and plastic consumption.


Cristina Casadesús, Ana Andreu and Eva Avayá with GoChick

The girls presented to us GoChick Chocolate Mousse based on chickpea water accompanied with chickpea cookies. High in protein and fibra, vegan, no lactosa, no gluten, no eggs – GoChick sounds like a great healthy snack that is also really delicious!


Amir Mohammadi and Jimmy Lane Gozalo with Around

The guys delivered an excellent presentation that evening explaining to us their Around app. It provides a solution for customers to navigate events, discover people, find discounts and routes, and for businesses to reach customers, make ads and deliver information.


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