Benefits of Moving a Business Abroad

Benefits of Moving a Business Abroad

Although moving a business abroad is difficult and requires significant time and resources, it also comes with significant benefits.  This shift is not intended for all enterprises but if it is possible, it can be extremely valuable. As a result of this change, businesses can gain a comparative advantage over their competition, tap into lucrative markets, and enter new industries.

The first benefit associated with moving a business abroad is the ability to outmaneuver competition.  This capability is especially critical within an emerging niche. In many instances, exceptional companies have failed to succeed because a competitor had more resources and marketing power despite offering a lesser product.  Expanding to an international market can provide growing companies with the opportunity to avoid being absorbed by competitors. It is easier for enterprises to operate in a market where they know they will be the top supplier of a product or service.  This ease is due to the fact that companies can make key relationships with buyers and own a larger part of the market before competitors begin to arrive. As a result, it is more difficult for these developed associations to decline.

The second benefit of moving a business abroad is the ability to access lucrative markets.  For example, a fintech company might feel that Silicon Valley is the best place to launch the startup, however this is not always the case.  For example, Spain and Mexico both possess approximately 300 fintech firms that have experienced great levels of growth. With cheaper costs of operation and access to new markets, these two countries are great regions to start a business.  Furthermore, a country’s free trade agreements allow for easier operation of a company. This advantage allows for enterprises to have better access to markets outside their country of operation because trade is less restricted.

Third, by moving abroad, a company has the opportunity to become a part of new and growing industries.  In the United States for example, banks and investors have a stronghold on financial services. However, in areas such as Latin America, Asia, and in some regions of Europe, many individuals remain unbanked.  This point not only pertains to finance but most industries such as: tourism, healthcare, hospitality, food, recruitment, marketing, sales, housing, and legal services. In emerging markets abroad a well-informed entrepreneur has the opportunity to be very successful.  If one of the aforementioned industries is underrepresented in a country entrepreneurs with the correct business proposition could receive up to a million dollar evaluation for their startup.  

Taking the step to move a company abroad is one that few take.  This shift is not an easy process but it is one that looks towards long-term success.  An entrepreneur with the spirit and ability to move abroad has the possibility of receiving countless benefits. 


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