Barcelona known as the best city for startups

Barcelona known as the best city for startups

Barcelona is one of the most visited and known cities in the world due to the beautiful and unique architecture and also because of the innovation and variety of cultures, but let’s talk about the entrepreneur and startups movement.

If you didn’t know Barcelona take place in the number 10  of the districts of innovation in all the world so that gives us a lot in influence in the startup and innovation branch. It is also a smart city looking for technological and environmental innovation, is super connected with big brands and companies and has few recognized business school in all Europe.

“Since Barcelona is a relatively small city, the startup community sticks together regardless of location within the city. The networking opportunities created by the array of conferences and events held each year are also invaluable. The Mobile Web Congress alone brings close to 100,000 entrepreneurs to the city each February. 4FYN is a startup business platform associated with the Mobile Web Congress that enables startups, investors, and corporations to connect and launch new ventures together. Unlike Silicon Valley where large companies generate hype and exclusivity, in Barcelona events and meetups are open to everyone.” Barcinno

So in case you are thinking about the creation of your startups do not hesitate about choosing Barcelona, we are sure it is going to be an amazing experience.

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