7 Tips for Getting Your Business off the Ground

7 Tips for Getting Your Business off the Ground

The entrepreneurial spirit is running rampant all throughout the world.  Individuals are constantly finding revolutionary business opportunities. However, it is often difficult to transform these opportunities into action.  Thus, it is critical for entrepreneurs to embody the following seven tips if they want to start their own business.

Identify the Right Business 

Entrepreneurs need to be willing to explore every aspect of themselves in order to find which business venture they should pursue.  Furthermore, it is important that they listen to their intuition. Individuals tend to ignore the intuition and thus avoid the truth about their true passions.  Overall, there are three common approaches entrepreneurs can pursue to find their ideal business.

The first is for them to do what they know.  Prospective business owners should look to what they have done for others in the past and think about how those skills could be transformed into an actual product or service.

The second approach is for entrepreneurs to examine other successful companies.  They should find aspects of those businesses that are appealing and then try to emulate them in their new enterprise.

The third approach for entrepreneurs who want to find their ideal business is to solve a common problem.  The product or service that can fill a current gap in the market is the best venture to pursue. If a prospective business owner can identify this space, they have a high chance of success.

Business Planning Improves the Chances of Success

An efficient business plan has the ability to expedite a new company’s arrival to market.  This plan will help entrepreneurs gain clarity on the path of the business as well as build confidence in its future.  An outlook of this nature does not need to be incredibly detailed, but must contain the goals, strategies, and action steps necessary to make the business a reality.

Know the Target Audience Before Any Money is Spent

Before any money is spent it is important to know if people will actually buy the product or service offered.  One way to test the interest of the potential business is to validate the market. It is important to ask the following questions in order to conduct this test.

  • What is the size of your target market?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Is your product or service relevant to their everyday life?
  • Why do they need it?

Ultimately, the best way to obtain this information is for entrepreneurs to directly ask their target customer base.  If the response from this targeted market is positive, then the prospective company has a legitimate chance of succeeding.

Determine the Finances Necessary to Start the Business

An entrepreneur’s business and personal lives are often connected.  Overall, they are often the first investors in their respective businesses.  As a result, it is important for them to have a detailed understanding of their personal finances and the ability to track them.  This comprehensive process is critical if entrepreneurs want future funding from investors. 

In addition, it is important for entrepreneurs to correctly classify what business they want to start.  This characterization will help emerging business owners determine how much cash is necessary to commence the startup.  For example, a lifestyle business requires a relatively smaller amount of startup funds. On the other hand, a high-tech startup would require serious amounts of capital investment.

Build a Support Network

In order to drive their respective businesses to profitability, it is critical for entrepreneurs to also build an extensive network of connections.  These individuals can include supporters, advisors, partners, allies and vendors. When building this network it is important to demonstrate passion in one’s company.  Furthermore, the more connections an entrepreneur has, the larger his or her support group is just in case failure strikes. The larger the network, the greater opportunity there is for businesses to expand and flourish in the future.

Sell by Creating Value

Although it may seem like the purpose of a business is to sell a product or service in return for some form of compensation, people often do not want to be “sold” things.  As a result, entrepreneurs should focus on how their company serves others. Customers want to know how a new product or service can solve one of their problems. The businesses that can effectively cater to the needs of consumers are the ones who are the most successful in the long-term.

Get the Word Out

Entrepreneurs should never be afraid to advertise their business.  They should use every marketing tool available to them in order to increase awareness of their vision.  Some useful platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Although social networks may be more effective, all options should be explored.  Other marketing opportunities such as word-of-mouth or blog posts can increase the number of potential customers for an emerging enterprise.


Starting a business is an extremely daunting task.  However, with the proper motivation and attention to detail, the process can be greatly simplified.


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