7 Methods to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

7 Methods to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

The foundation for any small business is its employees.  A positive morale within the workplace leads to greater productivity, thus prompting the business to grow.  There is not a lot of work required to make the changes necessary to improve the work-life quality of your staff.  Overall, there are seven quick tips that can ultimately boost worker productivity and as a result boost the profits of the company.

Be Efficient

It is important to analyze the day-to-day operations of your business to identify possible sources of inefficiency.  In a small business, it is critical to make short-term and long-term lists as well as prioritise tasks. For employees who fail to meet their daily tasks, it is important to look for ways to restructure their day so they can be more efficient.  One method to improve performance is to provide each member of the staff with a list of tasks and ensure that they complete all of the jobs in a timely manner.


Delegation is a risky tactic, but increased responsibility is important for improving the job satisfaction of your employees.  Provide qualified workers, who have a proven track record of success in a certain field, with more responsibilities. This action, will show these specific members of the staff that you reward hard work and efficiency.  Presenting employees the opportunity to gain new skills and leadership experience will provide them with a sense of achievement and thus benefit your company as a whole

Reduce Distractions

Social media is a very large source of distraction in the workplace.  However, a company wide phone ban is not practical. Thus, it is important to keep employees engaged in their work, but also provide them with some freedom.  One technique to accomplish this goal is to encourage employees to turn off their cell phones but take regular breaks during which they are free to do as they please.  As a result, the time spent at their desk will be more productive.

Have the Right Tools and Equipment

It is important to ensure that your employees always have access to the appropriate tools and resources.  Without the necessary equipment it is impossible for an office to run efficiently. The modern programs and equipment available in today’s world not only serve to improve workforce productivity, but also how your company is perceived by the public.  

Offer Support and Set Realistic Goals

A common problem among most small business owners is that they are unaware if their employees are high-performing or not.  One way to clarify this ambiguity is to analyze whether or not your staff members need an incentive to stay on track. If you feel that certain employees are struggling, it is important to provide them with clear directions which will help them clarify your expectations.  As a result, their productivity will increase because they will have a solid understanding of what they are working towards.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

As the owner of a small business it is important to have a positive relationship with all of your employees.  As a result, you should constantly tell your staff members that they are doing a superb job and offer constructive criticism when it is necessary.  In addition, it is critical that you offer incentives for employees who exceed your expectations. Success should always be identified in front of the entire staff as a source of motivation.  This motivation will ultimately drive the productivity of your employees.

Ensure Employees are Happy

A stressful workplace will never yield positive results.  Evidence suggests that workers tend to be less productive and less engaged in the business.  Showing employees that their work is valued provides them with a sense of gratification. As a result, their performance will most certainly improve.

Without a comfortable team, it is impossible for a small business to succeed.  Overall, if these seven techniques are applied to your business you will most certainly witness improved productivity among your employees.


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