This Wednesday we had an honor to celebrate the first edition of 22@START awards, competition of emerging companies based in the 22@ technological district of Barcelona.

Following the decision of our jury, represented by Daniel Sanchez-Crespo, Txell Gimeno, Oscar Sala, Montse Basora Farre, Carlos Solana, Xavier Simó and Ignasi Zubelzu, SAALG Geomechanics picked the award for the best startup in this edition and received tickets for the Mobile World Congress 2020 and 4YFN, as well as six months of consulting from the business services company CINC.

Also, the CEO of Novarama and director of the master in video games creation at UPF, Daniel Sánchez-Crespo, received an award in recognition of his career in the world of entrepreneurship.

That evening we also had a chance to learn more about other participants with their innovative projects and bright ideas. Every participant showed a competitive level, and we can tell for sure that each project sets the bar in a corresponding industry for each:

Ernesto Vila with ConsolFreight LLC, a SaaS freight technology provider that empowers the digital transformation of the shipping industry. 

Alexander Vasilevich with Power2go, portable powerbank stations that are available in different locations around Barcelona.

Victor Orlach with SPTbcn, first sensorial gaming chair with a technology that transforms audiovisual into regionalized vibrations

Renzo Cuicchi Richardi with SmartMonkey.io, planning and route optimization software for distribution companies.

Estefania Gasperi Garroz with Sharify, an app to discover and share what’s happening right now in the city from your phone, the first Social Network that lets share real life in real time.

As a bonus of this wonderful competition we want to thank Antonio González Barros for his fascinating talk about entrepreneurship and reflections on success and failure.

Thanks to Erik Brieva, 22@Network, Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the Bcombinator team for making this possible.

I hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!

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