10 types of entrepreneurs

10 types of entrepreneurs

The meaning of entrepreneur is the following:

1. adj. one who resolutely undertakes innovative actions or enterprises. She is a very enterprising woman. 

2. adj. Proper to the enterprising person. Entrepreneurial character.

However, there are different types of entrepreneurs, according to personalities, experiences and skills. 

An enterprising person sees an opportunity everywhere. They are usually enthusiastic, positive people, and where many see problems, they are devising how to solve them. 

An entrepreneurial person sees opportunity everywhere. They are usually enthusiastic, positive, and where many see problems, they are devising solutions. 

For experts, there are a number of qualities common to the successful entrepreneur. In addition to initiative, creativity, perseverance and tenacity, most of them meet at least three of the following five requirements: great capacity to take risks, tolerance to frustration, passion for everything they do, intuition and flexibility to adapt to the reality of the environment. 

Figuring out what kind of entrepreneur you are is just the beginning. After all, it’s all about capitalizing on those strengths, battling your weaknesses and creating a plan that works for you.

Let’s take a look at this list and find out what type of entrepreneur you are.


They anticipate current trends and focus their business on products and/or services that will be key in the future, not on businesses that are profitable today.

This type of entrepreneur work with long-term projects and are not afraid of risk.

They go beyond just creating a business, they work on a long-term project that will continue to grow over generations.


He knows how to positively influence people’s actions, therefore he is a born leader. He may not be an entrepreneur who gives ideas, but he is the person who leads and provides the necessary impetus to carry them out. In general, he is the one who gets people to join a project or knows how to attract customers.

Out of necessity 

Your lack of options motivates you to generate income quickly. Being an entrepreneur by necessity does not mean that you are forced to be one, but rather that you are very quick to look for opportunities. This type of entrepreneur is good at developing ideas and getting them off the ground in a short period of time.


You have the capital and decide to create a company, you are looking for new business opportunities where your money can grow even more.

They are looking for profitability with innovative projects, they are not the entrepreneur who leads the project, but they play the role of capitalist partner. 


He follows his instincts and is driven by his impulses. Such an entrepreneur seems to sense good opportunities and takes risks. Not asking for advice from someone else is one of his possible disadvantages, which can lead him to make bad decisions.


They have a more technical profile. They focus on a particular sector because they know it to perfection, in most cases, they focus their work activities in their professional sector, which they generally practice in their venture. This type of entrepreneur can develop highly profitable products and/or services. 


Generally we will find the innovative entrepreneur in the business ‘lab’ working on an invention, recipe, concept, system or product that may be the basis for one or more businesses. The Innovator’s challenge is to focus on the realities of the business and the true possibilities of the product.

By accident

They come to negotiate only by chance, they say that luck surrounds them all the time. Usually associate with family and friends, who propose to them to become partners in some project.

Also, they have a great capacity to adapt to changes, they know how to take advantage of setbacks.


These entrepreneurs are the ultimate players in the business game; they are always looking to stay two or three steps ahead of the competition. 

They are usually described as focused, cold, ruthless and calculating. Many would argue that Donald Trump falls into this category.


Their work goes beyond that, as this type of entrepreneur wants to change the world.

It is common to see them looking for innovative solutions and trying to positively influence others. His cause is focused on promoting and generating profits to combat societal problems such as discrimination, poverty, environmental pollution, among others.

He is revolutionary and a bit rebellious, which can cause him some problems.

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

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