Bcombinator’s Perks

Bcombinator’s Perks

The coworking industry is currently growing as more people search for a place where they can work—without being at home, in a coffee shop, or shelling out rent on an office space. It has been gaining so much popularity, that currently there are around 8.000 coworking spaces around the world.

Coworking space is also a great solution to stay connected and creative. Normally put in practice by either freelancers, startup team, solo entrepreneurs or remote workers for companies.

In general, coworking spaces have numerous benefits for members such as a lack of household distractions, improved productivity, socialization, networking, flexibility, amenities (like fast internet and coffee) and much more. These benefits, among others, make the idea of using a coworking space tempting.

Before explaining the benefits and perks of been part of the Bcombinator Community, first you should know:  what is Bcombinator?More than a coworking space is an innovation and business hub to help startups and companies accelerate and consolidate their business (We Help Startup Grow!), and to expand internationally.

Well, here are 10 of Bcombinator´s perks and benefits :

  • Cost Effective: advantage of freebies

If you rent your own office, you have to pay for utilities, office supplies, and any additional amenities. With a shared office space, utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and internet are taken care of in your contract. The office is setup with desks, chairs, conference rooms and more amenities that will be explained later.

Signing up to use Bcombinator space means that all the things that would have prevented you from starting right away have already been taken care of. You can get straight to work! All of the office setups have already been done.

  • Increased networking and collaboration 

Bcombinator is a collaborative workspace filled with hard-working, intelligent, and innovative people. And also gives you access to be part of an international network of entrepreneurs and to the club of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and business executives.

Bcombinator members have access to a large number of people with a wide range of skill sets and knowledge when they set themselves up to work. They love to network and work in a shared space with quality people!

The amount of knowledge and creativity that is shared in our community is one of our biggest benefits.

And remember that in a collaborative workspace, you are surrounded by valuable expertise. Network with those around you helps to know people in different industries and prove how hard you can work. You never know who is watching.

  • Business Mentoring Programs

Bcombinator offers personalized mentoring services directed by a network of prestigious mentor-entrepreneurs who offer their experience from the gestation phase of an idea to internationalization.

The mentoring program includes different areas: product, business model, marketing, business plan, IT, leadership, partnerships, digital transformation, and financial & legal. Thanks to our mentoring program, many startups have already reached their goals.

  • Discounts

Bcombinator has a series of wide discounts for the community(Coworkers).

Including discounts in: business mentoring, event organization, marketing services, legal services, etc.

As part of the 22@network membership we have other discounts that also benefit our members:

  • Gas station
  • Poblenou restaurants
  • Car rental
  • Hotels
  • Flights and trains
  • Holidays
  • Supermarket
  • Food delivery
  • Technology and electronics
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Gym and wellness
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical services
  • Insurance
  • Family care

And much more. If you want to consult all the discount and more information, click here:Perks

  • Work in a Professional Environment: startups and entrepreneurs with growth energy! 

High Expertise of the Community,

Work Alongside Motivated People,

Network Across Industries,

People that help you Increase Brand Awareness,

Pleasant Atmosphere,

Get Valuable Feedback, etc.

  • Space facilities

The bcombinator building has 5 floors with different spaces:

-The offices: is setup with desks, chairs, lockers and cabinets, office supplies, printer, etc.

-Barception: bar and reception where the members can buy coffee, tea, refreshing drinks and also receive mails.

-Conference and meeting rooms:members can book meeting or conference rooms according to availability, both for events and meetings.

-Relax space:necessary to take a break.

-Rooftop access: lunch in the rooftop once per week, networking events and parties.

-Others:training room, shower room, etc.

  • Location

Bcombinator is located in Poblenou neighbourhood, specifically in the 22@Innovation District! And as part of the 22@ we are member of the 22 @ Network BCN, the great association of the innovative, technological and creative sector of the city of Barcelona.

And also Bcombinator is located 500 meters away from Bogatell beach! Sometimes coworkers take 15 minute breaks to go to the beach and relax. Being close to the beach is always appreciated.

  • Innovation District Member: 22@network 

Bcombinator coworkers automatically become members of the innovation district, 22 @ network BCN.

22 @ Network BCN is a business association that brings together the main organizations of the innovation district, companies, universities and technology centers, and a network of SMEs and startups with activity in the district.

  • Quality events

We host quality events to make sure that the coworkers´ companies and startups professionally grow! And also to help startup, entrepreneur and corporates in the community of Barcelona.

The types of events that we hosted are the following:

B-Table: meet experienced entrepreneurs;

B-Corp: meet corporations;

B-Tech: tech learnings and workshops;

B-Boost: business boosting events;

B-Party; enjoy with other entrepreneurs.

  • Flexibility

Flexible is really important as your business begins to grow.

Bcombinator allows you to grow your business and the number of employees you hire without having to commit to multi-year leases.

Mentioning all these perks… are you still doubting to join us?

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